At Fittz & Shipman we greatly value each and every one of our clients and we pride ourselves on delivering results that are on schedule, within budget, and highly reliable. Our services are designed to fit the unique needs of each of our clients. To better meet these needs we have arranged our services into four core areas: structural engineering, civil engineering, construction services, and land surveying.

Structural Engineering – Our structural engineering services are aimed at ensuring that buildings and structures are structurally sound and able to bear their material load as well as withstand the requirements of day-to-day functions. Fittz & Shipman performs such key structural engineering services as design drawings and specifications, foundation evaluation and inspections, and thorough structural investigations and studies.

Civil Engineering – Fittz & Shipman’s civil engineering services are as comprehensive and varied as civil engineering itself. We will perform drawings and specifications, site evaluation and development, road design and maintenance, subdivisions and parcel maps, drainage studies, feasibility studies, and more, all as needed for the particular civil engineering project. We will even help our clients prepare construction documents, conduct bidding and negotiation, and secure relevant city or county permits.

Construction Services – Our engineering services naturally synergize with construction. We want to ensure that our clients have all the resources and assistance that they need for their project. That is why our services also extend into construction management, construction inspection, road system and water system inspections, and ensuring ADA compliance as well as compliance with all other pertinent codes and regulations.

Land Surveying– Land surveying is all about precision and reliability. Fittz & Shipman employs Registered Professional Land Surveyors with the expertise and skills necessary to conduct highly accurate, precise land surveys. We also utilize state-of-the-art equipment such as land surveying total stations, advanced digital and electronic equipment, and sophisticated surveying software. Whether our clients need construction staking, boundary, mortgage, or topographic surveys, elevation certificates, or plats and land ownership maps we are there to deliver accurate results.