Utilities, whether they are those that are privately owned or those that are overseen by municipal governments, play a crucial role in society. They ensure that citizens have reliable access to clean water and safe gas and electricity. Because there is so much importance riding on utility facilities and lines it is imperative that all related engineering and construction projects be of the highest level of quality and dependability.

Special Considerations for Utility Clients

Engineering companies working for utility clients have many special considerations to bear in mind during their projects. Utilities are typically highly regulated to ensure safety and purity. Utilities must also offer extremely consistent reliability since even a small, temporary hiccup in service can result in major disruptions in the lives of clients as well as serious negative publicity for the utility company. Additionally the engineering firm must ensure that all pipes and lines can handle peak capacity demands while maintaining their structural integrity and safety.

Fittz & Shipman’s Experience Working with Utility Clients

Fittz & Shipman understands the needs of its utility clients. We have worked with a variety of private utility companies as well as public utility departments. Our experience and dedication to quality will ensure that our utility clients receive results they can count on. Some of our past utility clients include the following:

Fittz & Shipman’s Utility Clients

  • Entergy, Texas – Southeast Texas, Conroe, College Station
  • City of Beaumont
  • City of Orange
  • Cottonwood Energy, Deweyville
  • Bolivar Peninsula Water Supp Corp – Crystal Beach
  • Han-Man Utilities – Orange
  • Longford Place Utilities – Orange
  • Sheppard Water Works – Orange

For over 30 years Fittz & Shipman has been a part of the Southeast Texas engineering landscape. We deem it an honor to have the opportunity to work on the utility projects that make the safety and quality of life within our local communities possible. It is a responsibility we take very seriously as we strive to deliver nothing but the best in engineering and land surveying services.