School districts often have a need for engineering and construction services. This need may be due to a growing population, and thus the accompanying higher enrollment rates that necessitate the building of new schools or the expansion of existing schools. Alternatively some projects such as upgrades and renovations may reflect the changing needs and expectations of the current school generation. Finally, the school, stadium, or facility may simply need to be repaired or remodeled for safety, function, or aesthetic reasons. Whatever the case it is crucial that school districts find a high quality engineering firm that they can count on.

Special Considerations for School Districts

There are often special considerations for engineering projects performed for school districts. For example since public school districts typically receive their funding from federal, state, and local sources there are often stipulations about how the money can be spent as well as strict budget controls. Additionally the facility must be accessible to all and should be built from safe, high-quality materials. Finally, the job will typically have a deadline and of course individual requirements that are particular to the project. The engineering firm that handles the project must be able to work with all of these special considerations.

Fittz & Shipman’s Experience Working With School Districts

Fittz & Shipman has worked with many different school districts throughout the Southeast Texas area. We take pride in delivering outstanding results that will benefit today’s youth and tomorrow’s generation of leaders. We have the experience, dedication, and expertise it takes to deliver results on time, on budget, and in accordance with the requirements of the school district.

Fittz & Shipman’s School Districts Clients

  • Beaumont ISD
  • Evadale ISD
  • Hardin-Jefferson ISD
  • Hamshire-Fannett ISD
  • Sabine Pass ISD
  • Huffman ISD
  • Kirbyville ISD
  • Buna ISD
  • Little Cypress – Mauriceville ISD
  • Nederland ISD
  • Port Arthur ISD
  • West Orange – Cove ISD
  • West Hardin ISD

Fittz & Shipman has been a part of the social fabric of Southeast Texas for over 30 years. We believe that serving our community is essential. We are pleased to do that by working with local school districts to provide the best possible facilities for their students.