In many ways developers are the visionaries of American progress. They take an empty field or abandoned lot and turn it into an attractive new residential community, industrial complex, or thriving hub of commercial activity. Developers are thus largely responsible for imagining, and then actualizing, the places where people live, work, and shop. However, in order to realize this creation the developers must work closely with engineering firms.

Special Considerations for Developers

When engineering firms and developers partner together progress thrives and visions are turned into reality. In order for this union to flourish; however, it is important for the engineers to understand the goals and objectives of the developers. Engineers must be able to provide the practical underpinnings that make the project possible. They must also work toward an end result that is attractive for prospective homeowners or businesses. Doing this requires an engineering firm that is comfortable and experienced working with developers, one that appreciates what they are attempting to accomplish.

Fittz & Shipman’s Experience Working with Developers

Fittz & Shipman has that experience and appreciation. Over our 30+ year history we have worked with numerous high-quality developers to create homes and businesses local area citizens can be proud of. We understand the needs and priorities of developers and we are able to draw upon our considerable experience and resources in engineering to work toward the common good of progress and development. Some of our past developer clients include the following:

Fittz & Shipman’s Developer Clients

  • American Builders, Inc.
  • Marino Homebuilders, Inc.
  • Bill Little Construction
  • Diamond D Ranch
  • Scannell Properties
  • Ritter Development
  • Newground, Inc.

Fittz & Shipman provides the structure, resources, and expertise our developer clients need to bring their visions to life. We can assist with securing permits and ensuring ADA and other governmental compliance. We will also work within the timeline and budget necessary for the job while never compromising the safety, quality, or integrity of the project. We are honored to work with developers to make the Southeast Texas area an even more attractive place for people to live their lives.