America’s commercial sector is one of the most highly developed and varied in the world. Millions of Americans earn their paychecks working in a commercial industry while just every US resident relies on the commercial sector for food, clothing, entertainment, and other goods fundamental to the American way of life. That makes the engineering and construction projects that create commercial properties extremely important.

Special Considerations for Commercial Projects

Engineering projects within the commercial sector must balance a number of very important requirements. On the one hand the facility must be energy efficient, durable, and profitable to run and maintain. On the other hand the facility must also be inviting and pleasant to customers. Finally, for most projects there is a project deadline and strict budget in play. Delivering on all of these demands requires an engineering company with experience, expertise, and resources for the commercial sector.

Fittz & Shipman’s Experience with Commercial Clients

Fittz & Shipman is proud to be that engineering firm for the Southeast Texas region. We have decades of experience overseeing commercial projects for the places area residents eat, shop, bank, and spend their hard earned money and precious time. We understand the needs of our commercial clients and we are always striving to remain on the cutting edge of technology, capabilities, and resources. Some of our many past commercial clients include the following:

Fittz & Shipman’s Commercial Clients

  • Home Builders
  • General Contractors
  • Land Developers
  • Dine-In Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Automobile/Motorcycle Dealerships
  • Quick Stop Gas/Markets
  • Funeral Homes
  • Grocery Supermarkets
  • Retail Outlets
  • Fast Food Corporations
  • Fuel Distributors
  • Commercial Builders

Fittz & Shipman prides itself on being a responsible, contributing part of our local community. We are humbled by the fact that so many Southeast Texas residents eat, shop, and live their lives in the commercial facilities we have built. We are looking forward to many more decades serving the commercial sector and providing shops and businesses engineering and surveying services for which both of us can be proud.