Since engineering plays a role in just about all construction projects Fittz & Shipman has a large, diverse pool of client markets. We understand the differences and priorities among these client markets and our experience and dedication allows us to serve each one with outstanding engineering services.

Government & Municipal – Fittz & Shipman has worked with governmental agencies and municipalities throughout the Southeast Texas area to build the structures and services that area residents count on for their quality of life. We understand the bidding process, close financial monitoring and reporting, and other needs indicative of these public projects.

School Districts – Fittz & Shipman has had the opportunity to work with many school districts to provide the renovations and new buildings so important to educating tomorrow’s leaders. Our emphasis on the safety, quality, and function of these buildings makes us a natural choice for school districts seeking industry-leading engineering services.

Utilities – Utilities and the services they provide to homes and businesses throughout the area are of vital importance. Fittz & Shipman understands this responsibility and takes it very seriously while providing safe, effective engineering and land surveying services to utility companies and the people they serve.

Commercial – The commercial sector provides jobs and careers for many thousands of people while simultaneously providing the goods and materials necessary for society to flourish. Fittz & Shipman is proud to serve this important market with engineering services that meets the demands of business and enterprise.

Industrial – The industrial sector is another major employer and also serves a vital role in society and the economy as a whole. Industrial facilities require the very highest degree of safety and durability. Fittz & Shipman has the experience and resources it takes to serve this important sector.

Developers – Developers convert empty or under-utilized space into thriving communities and centers. To do this they require expert engineering services and an engineering firm capable of understanding the bigger picture. Fittz & Shipman is that firm.

Architects – Engineers and architects have been working together, before those job titles even existed, since the dawn of mankind’s drive to build shelters and other structures. Fittz & Shipman is proud to continue this long-standing tradition by working closely with our architectural clients to realize their creative visions.